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Whose number is this 30944486 ? Who is calling me from (309) 444-86, phone lookup of owner's address for 309-444-86

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Place State County Street Phone Zip
Washington Fire Department Illinois Tazewell North Wilmor Road (309) 444-864# 61571

309 Area Code

Area code 309 is a telephone area code serving the west-central portion of Illinois. Cities in this area code include Bloomington, Canton, East Moline, East Peoria, Galesburg, Kewanee, Macomb, Minonk, Moline, Morton, Normal, Pekin, Peoria and Rock Island, in addition to many smaller communities within the western part of central Illinois. The area code was created in 1957 out of the northern portion of 217 and the western portion of 815. Area code 309 was the only new area code created in Illinois between the 1947 advent of NANP and the 1989 creation of area code 708—itself one of the last a ... read more

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