7015729 | (701) 572-9 Reverse Phone Lookup

Whose number is this 7015729 ? Who is calling me from (701) 572-9, phone lookup of owner's address for 701-572-9

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Place State County Street Phone Zip
Pizza Hut North Dakota Williams 2nd Avenue West (701) 572-90## 58801
Church of the Nazarene North Dakota Williams 1st Avenue West (701) 572-90## 58801
Concordia Lutheran Church North Dakota Williams Main St (701) 572-90## 58801
Fort Buford Cemetery North Dakota Williams (701) 572-90## 58801
Fort Buford State Historic Sit North Dakota Williams 39th Lane Northwest (701) 572-90## 58801
McVay Elementary School North Dakota Williams University Avenue (701) 572-91## 58801
Leipke Painting & Decorating North Dakota Williams 2nd Avenue East (701) 572-92## 58801
St Peters Episcopal Church North Dakota Williams 14th Street East (701) 572-92## 58801
Econo Liquor North Dakota Williams 11th Street West (701) 572-93## 58801
Country Floral North Dakota Williams 2nd Avenue West (701) 572-94## 58801
Loye A. Ashton, DDS North Dakota Williams Main Street (701) 572-94## 58801
Strata Corporation North Dakota Williams 42nd Street West (701) 572-96## 58801

701 Area Code

701 area codeArea code 701 is an area code used to address long distance calls to, and within, the state of North Dakota, which is part of the North American Numbering Plan. It is one of the 86 original area codes created by AT&T in 1947, and continues to be the only area code in North Dakota. 701 is divided between the Bismarck and Fargo LATAs. It is one of only a few area codes in the North American system that is still divided between multiple LATAs. The Fargo LATA extends for some distance into northern Minnesota, as far east as Brainerd. Under current projections, North Dakota will need a new area ... read more

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