80627322 | (806) 273-22 Reverse Phone Lookup

Whose number is this 80627322 ? Who is calling me from (806) 273-22, phone lookup of owner's address for 806-273-22

Sample Locations, Phone Numbers, Zip Codes for (806) 273-22

Place State County Street Phone Zip
China Dynasty Texas Hutchinson Megert Ctr (806) 273-221# 79007
Olive Branch Christian Booksto Texas Hutchinson South Cedar Street (806) 273-225# 79007
Taylor Petroleum Texas Hutchinson South Florida Street (806) 273-226# 79007

806 Area Code

806 area codeNorth American area code 806 is a state of Texas telephone area code for numbers in the Texas Panhandle and South Plains, including the cities of Amarillo and Lubbock. 806 was created as a flash-cut sometime during 1957, but available databases do not indicate from which area code it was split, as all original area codes were created in October 1947. Based on proximity, however, it was probably split from the 915 area code. In a message posted to the Telecom Digest mailing list and newsgroup comp.dcom.telecom, Carl Moore reports that this area code was created mostly in part from area code 915 ... read more

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