Alabama Area Codes

what are Alabama's area codes located ?

The state of Alabama is served by five area codes. When the first area code plan was introduced in 1947, area code 205 covered the entire state. In 1995, 334 was created for the southern half of the state. 205 was divided further in 1998, when north and eastern Alabama were placed under 256. The southwestern part of the state was split from 334 in 2001, forming area code 251. A fifth area code, 938, overlays 256 as of July 2010.



  • 659 — Area code 659 was proposed as an overlay for the areas covered by the 205 area code in 2001. The proposal was subsequently put on hold indefinitely by the Alabama Public Service Commission after it was determined demand for new numbers within the existing 205 service area did not warrant the overlay. As of March 2008, the North American Numbering Plan Administrator does not rate the 205 area as being in "jeopardy" of exhausting its numbers.

Area code 256

Area code 205

Area code 334

Area code 251